GTA Online

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Here's a quick overview of my GTA online account's current financial situation.

Money Breakdown

 GTA DollarsUSD Value in Shark Cards
Property Value$62,710,500$807.87
Vehicle Value$142,350,460$1,800.77
Total Account Value$205,060,960$2,580.7
Wish List Total Cost$40,543,195$512.93
Money in Bank$6,241,745$97.95
Money Left to Grind$34,301,450$442.92
Grind Money Per Day$1,124,309$25.96

The Grind

Grind Days Remaining31
Average Days to Grind Per Item4
Wish List Completion Date2/17/2021

These are all the properties I own in the game and their worth.


Property NameLocationCostMore Info
Del Perro Heights Apt. 4Del Perro$468,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
Eclipse Towers Penthouse Suite 3West Vinewood$1,100,000GTA Base GTA Wiki


Property NameLocationCostMore Info
Eight BitWest Vinewood$2,530,000GTA Base GTA Wiki

Arena War

Property NameLocationCostMore Info
Arena WorkshopMaze Bank Arena$4,365,000GTA Base GTA Wiki


Property NameLocationCostMore Info
Churmash BunkerChurmash$1,650,000GTA Base GTA Wiki


Property NameLocationCostMore Info
Land Act Resevior FacilityTataviam Mountains$2,950,000GTA Base GTA Wiki


Property NameLocationCostMore Info
Fort Zancudo Hangar A2Fort Zancudo$3,250,000GTA Base GTA Wiki

MC Property

Property NameLocationCostMore Info
ClubhouseDowntown Vinewood$472,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
Cocaine LockupAlamo Sea$975,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
Counterfeit Cash FactoryGrand Senora Desert$845,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
Document Forgery OfficeGrapeseed$650,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
Meth LabGrand Senora Desert$910,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
Weed FarmDowntown Vinewood$1,358,500GTA Base GTA Wiki


Property NameLocationCostMore Info
OmegaWest Vinewood$1,700,000GTA Base GTA Wiki


Property NameLocationCostMore Info
Maze Bank TowerPillbox Hill$6,650,000GTA Base GTA Wiki

Office Garage

Property NameLocationCostMore Info
Maze Bank TowerPillbox Hill$6,850,000GTA Base GTA Wiki


Property NameLocationCostMore Info
Master PenthouseThe Diamond Casino and Reasort$6,500,000GTA Base GTA Wiki


Property NameLocationCostMore Info
KosatkaOcean$9,085,000GTA Base GTA Wiki

Vehicle Warehouse

Property NameLocationCostMore Info
La Mesa Vehicle WarehouseLa Mesa$1,500,000GTA Base GTA Wiki


Property NameLocationCostMore Info
Derriere Lingerie BacklotDel Perro$902,000GTA Base GTA Wiki


Property NameLocationCostMore Info
The Aquarius YachtPacific Bluffs$8,000,000GTA Base GTA Wiki

These are all the vehicles I own in the game and their worth.

*Personal Vehicle

FloorVehicleCostMore Info
Personal VehicleOppressor MKII$3,890,250GTA Base GTA Wiki


FloorVehicleCostMore Info
FloorMobile Operations Center$1,225,000GTA Base GTA Wiki

CEO Vehicles

FloorVehicleCostMore Info
HelicopterBuzzard Attack Chopper$1,750,000GTA Base GTA Wiki

Del Perro Heights Apt 4

FloorVehicleCostMore Info
GarageBrioso 300$610,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
GarageVeto Classic$895,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
GarageVeto Modern$995,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
GarageStromberg$3,185,350GTA Base GTA Wiki
GarageWinky$1,100,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
GarageWeevil$870,000GTA Base GTA Wiki

Eclipse, Penthouse Suite 3

FloorVehicleCostMore Info
GarageDeluxo$4,721,500GTA Base GTA Wiki
GarageKuruma (Armored)$698,250GTA Base GTA Wiki


FloorVehicleCostMore Info
GarageTM-02 Khanjali$3,850,350GTA Base GTA Wiki


FloorVehicleCostMore Info
StorageTula$5,173,700GTA Base GTA Wiki
StorageTitan$2,000,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
StorageUltralight$665,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
StorageSeabreeze$1,130,500GTA Base GTA Wiki
StorageShamal$1,150,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
StorageMiljet$1,700,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
StorageRM-10 Bombushka$5,918,500GTA Base GTA Wiki
StorageB-11 Strikeforce$3,800,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
StorageSwift Deluxe$5,150,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
StorageLuxor Deluxe$10,000,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
StorageRO-86 Alkonost$4,350,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
StorageP-996 LAZER$6,500,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
StorageV-65 Molotok$4,788,000GTA Base GTA Wiki


FloorVehicleCostMore Info
InventoryInvade and Persuade Tank$2,275,000GTA Base GTA Wiki


FloorVehicleCostMore Info
MoonpoolToreador$3,660,000GTA Base GTA Wiki

Nightclub Garage

FloorVehicleCostMore Info
B2Nightshark$1,245,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
B2Revolter$1,610,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
B2Pariah$1,420,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
B2Sugoi$1,224,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
B2Lurcher$650,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
B2Locust$1,625,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
B2Sanctus$1,995,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
B2Coquette D10$1,510,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
B2Hakuchou Drag$976,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
B2Itali RSX$3,465,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
B5Terrorbyte$1,375,000GTA Base GTA Wiki

Office Garage

FloorVehicleCostMore Info
Garage 3Autarch$1,955,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
Garage 3ETR1$1,995,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
Garage 3Itali GTB$1,189,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
Garage 3Reaper$1,595,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
Garage 3SC1$1,603,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
Garage 3XA-21$2,375,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
Garage 3PR4$3,515,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
Garage 3Taipan$1,980,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
Garage 3Scramjet$4,628,400GTA Base GTA Wiki
Garage 3BR8$3,400,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
Garage 3Vagner$1,535,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
Garage 3Vigilante$3,750,000GTA Base GTA Wiki

Pegasus Lifestyle Management

FloorVehicleCostMore Info
BoatsSuntrap$25,160GTA Base GTA Wiki
BoatsKurtz 31 Patrol Boat$2,955,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
BoatsLongfin$2,125,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
HelicoptersCargobob Jetsam$1,995,000GTA Base GTA Wiki
PlanesCuban 800$240,000GTA Base GTA Wiki

Vehicle Warehouse

FloorVehicleCostMore Info
BasementWastelander$658,350GTA Base GTA Wiki
BasementRocket Voltic$3,830,400GTA Base GTA Wiki
BasementRuiner 2000$5,745,000GTA Base GTA Wiki

This is a list of all the things I want to buy in GTA Online. If something has a zero time/money remaining, it means I have enough GTA$ to buy it, but am waiting for a sale or am otherwise putting it off until my grinding is done (see Summary tab).

ItemBuy At TotalRemaining
PyroWarstock Cache & CarryCost:$4,455,5000
Grind Days: 40
Annihilator StealthWarstock Cache & CarryCost:$4,370,0000
Grind Days: 40
FH-1 HunterWarstock Cache & CarryCost:$4,123,0000
Grind Days: 40
HydraWarstock Cache & CarryCost:$3,990,0000
Grind Days: 40
VolatolWarstock Cache & CarryCost:$3,724,0000
Grind Days: 40
AkulaWarstock Cache & CarryCost:$3,704,0500
Grind Days: 40
AvengerWarstock Cache & CarryCost:$3,450,0000
Grind Days: 40
TezeractLegendary MotorsportCost:$3,043,1450
Grind Days: 30
Rennovate FacilityMaze Bank ForeclosuresCost:$2,930,0000
Grind Days: 30
SavageWarstock Cache & CarryCost:$2,593,5000
Grind Days: 30
Weaponized DinghyWarstock Cache & CarryCost:$2,350,0000
Grind Days: 30
SlamTruckSouthern San Andreas Super AutosCost:$1,810,0000
Grind Days: 20