That's right, we're getting the Blog back together. But it's gonna be like one of those crappy reunion tours where they ain't quite the same, but you love them anyway cause you've got 20 vinyl albums of the Bachman I/O Blog on your shelf -- like the good consumer you are.

I mean, obviously, no one would buy this blog on vinyl, and frankly the number of people who've read it I can count on one hand. But perhaps you were one of the old heads and are wondering where the hell everything went.

Blog Challenge Results!

If you read the old site, you'll remember I challenged myself to blog 3 times a week on various topics. Spoiler alert -- I failed miserably. At the end of 2019, I donated $350 to St. Jude's. I'd call it a fail, but is it really? Anyways, don't expect me to ever do something like that again. To try and meet deadlines like that with my spare time, is a waste of my spare time. At least it was for a good cause.

The Novel Has Evolved

So what became of the Novel I was writing? Well, it actually morphed into a FATE campaign that got played out from October 2019-March 2020, where we were thankfully able to wrap it up right before the lockdowns started. It plays well with 4 players and the GM, so I might make some tweaks to it and either release it as a proper book or some other form of media (more below).

I've Got Those 2020 Blues

I don't think 2020 was kind to anybody really. It was lousy for myself as well. Imagine landing a nice cushy job, only for some virus to come in and make your employer be like, "yeah we doin' the Reduction in Force thing, fite me." So that lasted about all of three months. Luckily I make good practice of not burning bridges, and am back at my old job doing the same stuff as 2016-19 (COBOL, RPG, etc. on IBM i). Sadly, two of my favorite co-workers are no longer there -- one made a snap retirement, and the other was on contract at the end of their career, and couldn't hold on during the pandemic.

I'll probably eventually write about the virus, the pandemic, etc. in more detail, but frankly there's a bunch of crap I still gotta get over. March thru May was especially dark times for me, and I wanna do it some proper justice.

Either way, in June I finally got out of my one-room shack, and live in an actual house now. So no more annoying upstairs neighbors. Believe me, it's much easier to put up with your immediate family than it is some of the lousy people the Oneonta apartment market attracts.

The other big thing for me in 2020 is that I'm now debt-free. We did it through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. What was once a healthy amount of debt was no longer manageable while I was between jobs. So, we nuked it. I mean, my credit was already gonna be bad for seven years due to late payments I could no longer make; what's three years on top of that? Again, I'll probably blog about that experience in the future as well. Trust me, anyone who tells you it's the easy way out are wrong.

Hindsight is 2021

Now we're into a new year, and God willing Governor Cuomo will hurry the hell up with that vaccine so we can get back to normal. You heard me, back to normal, not this "new normal" bullshit. I'm fine with wearing my mask and social distancing and staying home if only for my dad's sake, but I not only expect but demand that 2021 be the year where I can at least start planning to go out, travel, and have fun again.

And I'm sure we can make it happen now that the disgusting blind pimple that was the Trump Administration is out of office. Is Biden gonna fix everything in a year? Four years? Hell no. But it's nice to know someone who at least pretends to care about me is in the Oval Office, not some guy who literally makes fun of disabled people, among other shit he got away with.

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to use the line, "this is why Trump lost" in my online political discussions with Trump Supporters.

Another is to try and build a game, possibly using that Novel-turned-Campaign I mentioned earlier. I'm terrible at making sprites and such, but would love to learn 2D game development. First I have to pick an engine, and it's looking like either GameMaker Studio or Unity will be up to task.

FAQ Off!

So, next blog update?

Whenever the hell I feel like it! Realistically, it'll probably be on a Saturday most often, unless something crazy happens during the week that cannot wait.

What about the old blog posts?

Someday I'll dig into the WordPress database and import them. WordPress has a bunch of ugly-ass formatting in the post contents that does NOT gracefully migrate to Contentful. So, we'll see. Assume that I'll be too lazy and they'll never make it over.

The site is ugly now REEE

That's not a question, and no one cares. No one important cares. If this were a professional site, I'd have the developer burned at the stakes, but it isn't. The professional site is coming soon... as in sometime in 2021. Maybe when I finish the game, I'll launch the professional website.