Have a gander at the site's current and past announcements. These were initially on the Home page, but were moved here as new ones showed up. In short, it's an archive.

Alpha 5 is Out!

4 days ago

It's been a while, but the site has been updated!

What's New

  • We re-did the Blog, and it's all cleaned up.

  • Reviews are, sadly, no more. My philosophy on writing reviews for things has somewhat changed, and I didn't feel like porting it over in the end...

  • New blue colors, because I was tired of the grays. We're using Galaxy Blue, Racing Blue, Ultra Blue, and Diamond Blue from the GTA V color scheme.

  • Gatsby and all its plugins got an update, and we're on Bootstrap 5 Beta!

What's Next

I still have to convert my WaniKani and AniList stuff from the old Tools site. Alas, that did not get done by the end of 2020. I'm also gonna make another Gaming page, and will share more near its completion.

Have a good... whatever time period it ends up being between this and the next site update!


Version 2.0 is Almost Ready!

3 months ago

I've been somewhat hard at work getting the site ready for it's actual re-launch over the past couple of months.

What's New?

  • We now source our content primarily from Contentful instead of a WordPress installation. The site is also statically generated by GatsbyJS. We're also hosting on Netlify. Combined, this reduces the amount of security concerns I have. Plus, the site will rebuild any time I add new content, as well as at 4AM each day to refresh any other content sources (e.g. Google Sheets for the GTA Online page)

  • The site is laid out using Bootstrap 5, so no more jQuery! Yeah it's still in alpha, but so is this site. If they can meet their December release plans, I can do it too.

What's Left?

I'll probably just strike these things out as we get closer to launch:

  • Import most past blog posts and reviews into Contentful (we're skipping some announcements like the change to WordPress, cause they're no longer relevant, and working with a WordPress database is too much a PITA for me to care)

  • Migrate the Tools over, mainly WaniKani and Anime stuff

  • Get Bootstrap onto 5.0 stable.

Once all of these are done, I think version 2.0 of this site will be ready. Best yet, everything will be under one roof -- no weird subdomains or anything like that.

Again, I'm shooting for end of 2020, but it'll depend how much free time I get to do this stuff.