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Version 2.0 is Almost Ready!

21 days ago

I've been somewhat hard at work getting the site ready for it's actual re-launch over the past couple of months.

What's New?

  • We now source our content primarily from Contentful instead of a WordPress installation. The site is also statically generated by GatsbyJS. We're also hosting on Netlify. Combined, this reduces the amount of security concerns I have. Plus, the site will rebuild any time I add new content, as well as at 4AM each day to refresh any other content sources (e.g. Google Sheets for the GTA Online page)

  • The site is laid out using Bootstrap 5, so no more jQuery! Yeah it's still in alpha, but so is this site. If they can meet their December release plans, I can do it too.

What's Left?

I'll probably just strike these things out as we get closer to launch:

  • Import most past blog posts and reviews into Contentful (we're skipping some announcements like the change to WordPress, cause they're no longer relevant, and working with a WordPress database is too much a PITA for me to care)

  • Migrate the Tools over, mainly WaniKani and Anime stuff

  • Get Bootstrap onto 5.0 stable.

Once all of these are done, I think version 2.0 of this site will be ready. Best yet, everything will be under one roof -- no weird subdomains or anything like that.

Again, I'm shooting for end of 2020, but it'll depend how much free time I get to do this stuff.