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That's right, we're getting the Blog back together. But it's gonna be like one of those crappy reunion tours where they ain't quite the same, but you love them anyway cause you've got 20 vinyl albums of the Bachman I/O Blog on your shelf -- like the good consumer you are.

Site News

Alpha 5 is Out!

5 months ago

It's been a while, but the site has been updated!

What's New

  • We re-did the Blog, and it's all cleaned up.

  • Reviews are, sadly, no more. My philosophy on writing reviews for things has somewhat changed, and I didn't feel like porting it over in the end...

  • New blue colors, because I was tired of the grays. We're using Galaxy Blue, Racing Blue, Ultra Blue, and Diamond Blue from the GTA V color scheme.

  • Gatsby and all its plugins got an update, and we're on Bootstrap 5 Beta!

What's Next

I still have to convert my WaniKani and AniList stuff from the old Tools site. Alas, that did not get done by the end of 2020. I'm also gonna make another Gaming page, and will share more near its completion.

Have a good... whatever time period it ends up being between this and the next site update!